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"Days and Planets"

This song help children learn and sing the days of the week. Practice matching the planet the day was named after.

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Pangea was the original continent but, after millions of years, there are now 7 continents. Sing along to learn them!

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papaGG - "12 Months in a Year"

Children can sing along and learn the months of the year! Got it clear? The months are on a calendar

papaGG - "Seasons Rock"

A catchy chorus to sing along with: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall! Rock out to what we do during the Seasons!

Ed Sipos - "Strummin' Path"

Ed provides a beautifully created instrumental creating a musical background for any child's work environment!

Ed Sipos
- "Ebb and Flow"

This tasty instrumental showcases Ed's masterful fingerpicking. Another great song to create background ambiance while children practice their talents

papaGG - "People Do Their Jobs"

Mommies, Daddies, Doctors, Policemen, Firemen and more each do their job. Name what they do!

Danielle and Tara -
"Lizzy the Lizard"

This wonderful story told by Danielle McEuen helps children's imaginations fly with Lizzy and her insatiable appetite. Excuse me!

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