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"Songs for a Practical Day" was released November 20, 2008.  "Skipping Through Multiplication" was released November 21, 2010. They are now available on CDBaby and look for the CDs on Amazon, Itunes or Montessori-N-Such too!

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Watch our new children's music video: Dinosaurs

November 2010 - papaGG's 2nd Album Skipping Through Multiplication is Released!

You can find it at CDBABY!  Listen to "Skipping Through Multiplication" 


1. 1 to 100

2. Don't Fearo the Zero

3. 1 Times

4. Count by Two's

5. Skipping 2's

6. Count 3's

7. Count by 4's

8. Skip 4's

9. Rock n' Roll Counting 5's

10. Skipping 6's

11. 7's

12. 8's to the Beat

13. Skip 9's

14. 10's to 100

15. Eleven My Friend

16. It's Twelve






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