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Purchase "Songs for a Practical Day" below using Google Checkout! 

These songs are catchy and children learn from them very quickly! 19 Selections that will make your family smile and sing-a-long!
Music CD - "Songs for a Practical Day" - $16.95 plus AZ tax

The CD Companion Guide can be purchased below.  The complete guide (48 pages) can be purchased for $6.75. It includes a CD song overview explaining what each song is about and how to use the song in class, song lyrics, and 7 classroom activities.  

The Complete CD Companion Guide - $6.75 

If you would like to purchase some of the classroom activity sheets separately, you can buy the individual class activities (matches up with a song on the CD) for just .99 each! Yes, just 99 cents! 
  1. Overview and Song Lyrics: (13 pages)
  2. Celebration of Life with Birthday Certificate: (3 pages)
  3. People Do Their Jobs (4 pages)
  4. Day and Planets (5 pages)
  5. 12 Months in a Year (11 pages)
  6. Season's Rock (4 pages)
  7. Continents (5 pages)
  8. Dinosaurs (3 pages)

Individual Class Activities - .99 each

Once you purchase the book or activity sheets,  we here at Montessori Mom's Music will be notified and send you your book or activity sheets via email.  SO make sure you include your email address as part of the purchase!  It could take up to 24 hours to receive and process your order.

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