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Welcome to the place where the Montessori philosophy meets music in EVERYTHING we do!

Our first release is "Songs for a Practical Day".   

We hope you find this collection of music to be fun, helpful and educational. Our goal was to create music that assists with Montessori themes and practical life activities in the classroom. You will find songs for circle time, reinforcing learning, walking the line, and even for birthday celebrations. "Strummin' Time" and "Ebb and Flow" can be used as background music while children complete their work.  Teachers, parents, caretakers, please use this CD anyway you please!  It was created with a Montessori mind, but will be useful for many environments. 

The CD companion is now available!  You can purchase the entire book or individual classroom activities! The 48 page book comes complete with written lyrics, compatible worksheets and many more teacher resources.  When purchased the CD companion is sent to you via email in easy to use pdf files. Click Here to PURCHASE

Below is a video from "Songs for a Practical Day", Dinosaurs. Play it and

Dinosaurs by papaGG


Songs for a Practical Day                            Skipping Through Multiplication


Danielle McEuen and Tara Mott, AMI Certified Montessori Educators
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